What’s New App: day 1



This project isn’t quite as new to me as the Arduino project, since I’ve been working in web development for many years now.  However, it’s been quite a while since I’ve built a useful web app without any monetary ambitions tied to it, and I wanted the opportunity to work with some cool APIs as well.  This project will also give me a chance to try out my latest favorite combination of JavaScript & PHP frameworks.  Here’s some of the technology I’ll be using on this project:

The concept of the app is simple – type in the name of your favorite musician, band, author, actress, director, etc. and it will keep you informed of new releases that become available for them.  I find it difficult to keep up with all my favorite bands, authors, and movie directors, so this should be a useful app for me, at least.  For the time being at least, I’ll call it the “What’s New” app.

I’ll be using the following APIs to generate the results:

The coding starts today – more to come soon!

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