Arduino Camera Trigger: breaking some shit


Water droplets were cool, but eventually it was time to move on to breaking some shit.  Since I only have a week for this project, I stuck to two types of objects – eggs and glassware.

The fundamentals are the same with breaking objects as they are with water droplets – for breaking objects (at least in the manner I went about it), I found the piezo vibration sensor to be the best option by far.  For eggs, a plate balanced on top of the piezo element worked fine.  The most successful setup for glass (thanks to some helpful advice from my wife), was to use an upside-down cast iron pan with the piezo element taped to the center of the pan, covered by black fabric.  The cast iron ensured that the glass would break (I tried an aluminum baking sheeet and it just wasn’t hard enough to break the glass against.

The trickiest part with breaking objects was the surrounding studio setup – namely, trying to contain the mess (liquids, glass shards, etc.)  If / when I try this again, I’ll focus more on a professional-style background for the photographs – some large pieces of smooth black material would have really come in handy as both a background as well as a mess containment tool.

In any case, some of the pictures turned out pretty well – here’s a sample, along with an “in action” shot, courtesy of the missus.











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